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Reversible Thong Bikinis Jomie Bikini Ethically handmade

Jomie Bikini is a boutique Australian label specialising in sexy bikinis.
All our bikinis are ethically handmade on the paradise island of Bali. We don't use factories like other brands do, who also hand-make their products in Bali.
We work with a Master Artisan, and a network of experienced seamstresses to beautifully and intricately handcraft our collection.

    We also want you to know...
    • We don't use agents like other Australian/International brands need to because one half of our owners is Indonesian. This means no agents fees, and we can keep our prices low.
    • We work directly with the Master Artisan without interpreters and agents like other brands have to. There are no communication breakdowns. 
    • We don't need minimum orders like many other companies need to have, and this keeps our prices lower still.
    • Our Master Artisan makes Bikinis for other big Australian and International labels. These companies are charging over $120 - $150 USD on handmade bikinis. We charge half the price for the same Artisan and same materials. 
    • As one half of our owners is an Indonesian, we pay local prices. Sorry to say, but all foreigners pay foreigners rates - but not us. That's the way Indonesia works. This keeps our prices cheaper still.
    Check us out. Check other handmade bikinis made in Bali, and you will find very few as affordable as us, who have exactly the same high quality as those charging you the most!
      We want our Jomie babes to have high quality and ethically handmade bikinis at affordable prices.
       Jomie Bikini xx

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