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Jomie Bikini - Ethically Handmade Bikinis

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One of the most important features of our bikinis are that they are ethically handcrafted on the beautiful paradise island of Bali, Indonesia.

Q: What does this mean?

Basically, we don’t use factories.

We don't use factories where the workers get paid the minimum wage and often with questionable working conditions.

Having an Indonesian background, we are able to work closely with a Master Artisan, who networks with highly experienced swimwear seamstresses across Bali, who work from their homes to hand-make our beautiful bikinis. These seamstresses are able to schedule and organise their own working time around their family life and commitment. 

Jomie Bikini ethical fashion handmade swimwear

Q: Why are our prices reasonable compared to other bikini companies who have their pieces also made in Bali? 

We don't have to put a steep price tag on our bikinis, as we don’t have to deal with factories who command high cost prices and high minimum order quantities.

Because we work directly with our Master Artisan and the seamstresses, we are able to pay a fair cost price for each bikini. We have also chosen not to drive down the cost prices to try and make as much profit as we could.

We decided to keep our Retail prices below AUD $100 for a set of high quality & ethically handcrafted bikini. We believe that beautiful quality does not have to cost the earth!

Jomie Bikini Blue Bandeau Thong Sexy Bikini 

Q: Tell us some "industry secrets"

  • Many Australian & American swimwear brands make their bikinis in Bali, Indonesia as Bali is renowned for producing high quality swimwear.
  • Their retail prices are anywhere between AUD $150-$300 for a bikini set.
  • They work with small to large factories, who charge them high cost prices and require higher minimum order quantities. This means they have to pay very expensive up-front costs that at the end of the day, they pass on to you the customers.


Q: What makes Jomie Bikini different than these other brands?

Having an Indonesian background, we are able to work directly on the ground with our Master Artisan.

We speak the language.

We know the intricacies of doing business in Bali without being taken for a ride.

We understand the culture and how this impacts on how to do business there.

It's a well-known fact in Bali that there is the local price for the "locals" versus the tourist price for everyone else who doesn't speak the lingo and who is a foreigner. Even though we are an Australian company, because one of our founders is Indonesian, we get far greater access than our competition.

In essence, we pay the "local price" and we choose to pass on the savings to our customers.

Jomie Bikini Yellow Green Red Pink Micro Skimpy Bikini    

Q: Why should I buy from Jomie Bikini?

  1. We care about how & by whom our bikinis are made. When you buy from us, you are supporting ethical fashion.
  2. We pay careful attention to all the little details that go into each piece of bikini we sell. You will receive beautifully crafted handmade bikinis.
  3. We believe that you as our customer should not have to pay steep prices to get beautifully crafted and ethically handmade bikinis.
  4. We offer FREE EXPRESS shipping in Australia and Indonesia with any set of bikini.
  5. For our Australian customers, we also offer the options of buy now and pay later with Afterpay and zipPay.


Select your own set from our range of vibrant, sexy and ethically handmade bikinis to complete your summer wardrobe! 


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